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Any and ALL LEGO people in FL area

jadedancjadedanc USAMember Posts: 1,303
edited April 2013 in Community and Events
My husband & I are going to WDW for our belated honeymoon and renewal of our vows. Since he got stationed at DC a month after our wedding, we didn't get to have the wedding we wanted and no honeymoon at all.

Especially since we have been separated by the Army for the last 2 yrs. he was in DC on East coast and I was in Tacoma, WA on West coast lol. So ;) we are going to our fav area, Disney, & on our fav holiday, ....... HALLOWEEN!!! Sadly though I haven't been there since they built EPCOT (telling my age here lol)

So don't know if anyone is in the Orlando area but if so, you are invited to our renewal ceremony :) It would be awesome to meet other Lego fans in FL :) LMK!!! Even if you just wanna hang out, it would be awesome meeting fellow AFOLs from different areas!

If so, RSVP is VERY MUCH appreciated so we can let the wedding planner the approx number that may be there. :)

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