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Collecting every minifigure of a specific line.

chuxtoyboxchuxtoybox Member Posts: 711
There has been a large uproar over Mr. Gold. I myself was disappointed to here about this chase figure in series 10 because I feel that I will now never be able to truly collect all of the different series as I have been trying to do. I missed series one when it all started and I just recently bought the whole set at once. I have put it into my head to collect all of the Harry Potter minifigs. The challenge of this for me is that I just started collecting Lego Harry with this last release of sets and I know that a lot of these figures are pricey these days, but I figured that it still could be possible to collect all of them as opposed to, say, trying to collect all of the Star Wars universe. What is the point of these ramblings? I was wondering how many collectors out there have complete sets of figures and from what line or lines you collected and why. I just thought it might be an interesting topic.


  • bartneckbartneck Member Posts: 38
    I know of several collectors that either specialist, e.g. HP or SW, as well as collectors that try to have them all. In my quest for taking photos of them all I had the pleasure to meet many of them.

    In the AFOL scene, there is an indefinite energy to accomplish all sorts of goals, may it be in collecting or building. It all depends on what your heart says. If it makes you happy to collect HP, then do it! oh, and you want to buy this book:

  • BeavBeav Member Posts: 303
    Complete sets like Star Wars is the dream, but when there are figures like the gold C3PO and the like, it will probably be an unfulfilled dream. I'm easy with that, I enjoy collecting new figures and filling in gaps in my collections, but if I never complete them it's Ok, I've had fun collecting those I have.
  • alldarkeralldarker Member Posts: 224
    edited April 2013
    I believe I'm still up to date with a pretty complete collection of minifigs (including all variations and gold C3PO) of the Star Wars Original Trilogy sets from 1999 onwards. It sort of comes with the territory due to collecting practically every Star Wars OT (minifig scale) set since the license started (I've only consciously missed out on two sets). It does unfortunately mean I sometimes grudgingly buy superfluous or lackluster sets like for example 75014 (for General Rieekan) and 9678 (for the second release of Lobot).

    The only figure I sort of lack is the 'smooth hair' variant Leia from the Tantive IV set (but I consider that a misprint).

    I however do not collect the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy minifigs, so my collection is pretty specific.

    I guess I've also specifically collected all the Castle-Ninja minifigs from 1998 - 2000, including the unique ones in the minifig packs.
  • DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
    I try to have the whole range of the LOTR and the Hobbit franchise! I would like at least one copy of each,so i was more than glad i've found a US-bricksetter who supplies me with the Blue-Coat Bilbo which (as it seems) won't be available over here in Europe!
    Ah yeah and i try to get as many of the more rare SW figures(stupid i know)!
  • slimeburgerslimeburger Member Posts: 17
    I got into the minifigs when they first came out. Ended up (and still have) three complete series 1's. I rapidly lost interest after LEGO had such a narrow release window for series 2 and I found I couldn't get hold of them!
    Now they are caning at new series at an alarming rate, I just buy the ones I want...
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    As of yet I have a complete Collectable Minifigure collection, as well as being only four Minifigures off a complete Star Wars collection and two Minifigures off a complete Super Heroes collection. I also have a complete Lord of the Rings Minifigure and The Hobbit Minifigure collection, but that has only had one wave so far and none have been particularly difficult to get hold of.
  • john_fettjohn_fett Member Posts: 1
    I have a question. I purchased the 10195 Republic Dropship and ATOT a few years back and one of the clone's helmets had nothing printed on the face, but the black markings belonging on the face were printed perfectly centered on the back of the helmet. This misprint fascinated me and I called LEGO about it. They said they'd never heard of such a misprint and sent me two replacement helmets. So has anyone ever heard or experienced a similar misprint? Also, is this collectible, therefore worth anything?
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 629
    edited April 2013
    ^ Misprinting generally doesn't increase the value any, mainly because there aren't many collectors. ( Having said that, there are a few people on here that do collect them; @recordman comes to mind.
  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,506
    alldarker said:

    I believe I'm still up to date with a pretty complete collection of minifigs (including all variations and gold C3PO)

    @alldarker- solid gold C-3PO? :)
  • vwong19vwong19 Member Posts: 1,191
    I started to collect Star Wars minifigs after having collected Lego sets in 2007. I was not really motivated then because I felt I was too late in the game. But since they have released updated versions of many classic SW minfigures with the now standard white in their eyes, I have used that as my starting point. Older sets and minifigs are considered incompatible by me and are in line for sale once an update is announced. I dont have any yellow head Star Wars and are phasing out non white eye variants. I pick and choose Clone Wars based on their eye printing.

    I plan to collect Lord of the Rings, Super Heroes, Collectible Minifigs and TMNT. The super rares are goal for me to chase, but I am still content with not having them.
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    I'm in the process of collecting all the "4 Juniors" figures. I'm at the point I need about a half dozen figures. They aren't all that hard to find, but now that I only need a few I'm finding no one BL seller has all of them in the US, so it raises the overall price when the shipping is added in. Lately I've been buying them from sellers who have other parts we need.
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 4,001
    I have a (in my mind) complete set of every variant of classic pirate fig (excluding the spanishy armada ones, mainly because I don't like them). I enjoyed finding the cheapest was to piece them together from eBay wins and bricklink, rather than say Star Wars where all the parts may be unique to one figure.

    I also have a complete series 1-9 of CMFs, but have been thinking series 10 may be my last. And a nice number to end it at (especially with the encyclopedia coming out).
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    @andhe Do you have the pirates from the 4 Juniors line? If not I have duplicates of some of them. PM me if you are interested.
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 4,001
    Cheapest way* (not was). Thanks @affol_shellz_bellz but I was only collecting the classic pirate figs (as in the system builds from the 80s).
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Ok, no problem.
  • binaryeyebinaryeye Member Posts: 1,831
    I've just gotten into Star Wars sets (OT only) and while I am interested in many of the minifigures, I definitely have no interest in collecting a "complete" set. I'm in the process of watching the movies to make a list of key characters (i.e. integral to the plot) that I want to collect in minifigure form.
  • chuxtoyboxchuxtoybox Member Posts: 711
    It took me a minute to figure out what Star Wars "OT" meant but I assume it stands for original trilogy. I was born in 1970 and a big Star Wars fan when I was a kid. The only good thing to come out of the new trilogy as far as I'm concerned is that they're pretty much the reason Lego released Star Wars sets in the first place which then led to Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Batman and all of the Lego goodness us fanboys from the 80s love. I was actually working in the toy dept. at Wal Mart when those Legos first came out and I wish today that I had bought every set starting then but I was collecting comics and action figures at that time. I think I bought the Darth Maul/ Qui Gon Jinn set because even I admit that Darth Maul is cool. I remember buying a few Spiderman sets when that first movie came out and I bought almost all of the Batman sets when they first came out. The only problem is that I sold everything when I knew they were hot on e bay. So, currently, I am collecting all of the CMFs, Harry Potter, LOTR, Marvel Superheroes, and POTC. I also buy the occasional Star Wars set now and then because I'll always be a fan but I'm focussing mostly on the minifigs from the licenses I just listed. Also Indiana Jones. The original Lego themes I like the most are Castle, Western, Pirates and trains. I've dabbled in all of these, bought and sold a lot of them and hated myself later for doing so! :)
  • kylejohnson11kylejohnson11 Member Posts: 508
    @Diggydoes I'm with you. I'm working on a complete set of LOTR/Hobbit minifigures. The one I thought I was going to have the most trouble with was Lord Elrond, but @indigobox was able to help out! Currently I just need 2 more Hobbit sets, then I'll be set until the next wave.
  • ZacheranoZacherano Member Posts: 59
    I have been collecting the CMFs since their release and now have at least two complete sets each of the first nine series. I also have most of the HP minifigs and a fair number of SW figures as well. I have collected some chase figures (e.g., Chrome Darth Vader, White Boba Fett, Shirtless Darth Maul) as a sort of quasi-completionist. It's a good thing I try (at least somewhat) to tamp down my annual Lego budget.
  • AanchirAanchir Member Posts: 3,043
    I'm somewhat odd about minifigure collecting (or maybe not... we'll see if anyone else has the same policy as me). Generally, I like to avoid duplicate figs when possible (unless they have pieces I really want duplicates of), and plan my purchases accordingly. Of course, the non-minifigure contents of a set are still often the priority for me, so I may end up getting duplicates anyway, as I did with several of the ZX Ninja from LEGO Ninjago.

    I usually pick a couple themes I want to collect each year and try to limit myself to those, and that coupled with limiting purchases that would net me duplicate figs means I can often get a complete or near-complete minifigure collection as a result. For instance, my family all combined has every Exo-Force fig if I'm not mistaken, and we're only missing a small number of Ninjago figures (not counting this year-- still haven't made any 2013 Ninjago purchases, sadly). But then there are also a number of themes for which our collections are incomplete, like Star Wars (even back when I collected the theme from 1999-2005, I don't think I ever could claim to have every fig). And generally I have no desire to have every fig from most themes, or at least no desire strong enough to make the huge investment of trying to fill out my collection. It's only when my collection of figs from a theme or CMF series happens to become near-complete that I will actively stake out ones I am missing.
  • carlqcarlq Member Posts: 792
    The only themes I (currently) attempt to "complete" are CMF and Marvel Superheroes. Unlike @Aanchir, I've no problem with duplicates - as a minifig modder, any extra parts will simply be recycled into my own creations (and duplicates may be actively sought-after, if they have useful or unusual hair, head, etc), but I like to have one pure display/play copy first. I've never gone after the limited-run "rares" - I cannot justify hundreds of pounds for a few small pieces of moulded plastic (even chromed! ;-) - so I convince my subconscious to exclude those from my idea of a "complete" collection. It's surprisingly effective!
  • FoxyA19FoxyA19 Member Posts: 124
    I focus on collecting all the superhero sets, I'm a big superhero fan and love all the superhero Lego sets that get released, I occasionally pick up the £1.99 minifigures but tend to focus on superheroes!
  • meiklelewismeiklelewis Member Posts: 57
    I've got all the LOTR and Hobbit figures out so far, Monster Fighters, TMNT and the CMF 1-10 complete sets.
    I'm nearly there with all the Superhero minifigs need about another 15 and I should have them all :o)
  • 19741974 Member Posts: 141
    I have the complete collection of Classic Space minifigs
  • DrmnezDrmnez Member Posts: 855
    edited May 2013
    I have a complete set of space police 3, tmnt, and I am only missing the NYTF Minifigs for my super heroes collection (not to include batman 1 Minifigs).
  • Peter1975Peter1975 Member Posts: 166
    I use brickset to overvieuw all of the listed sets Lego has made. I'm into Western, Pirate's, Castle, Vikings, Harry Potter and the Winter Village.
    The Vikings I completed 100%.
    HP I own 51 sets, but there are things I don't wan't to have, like certain books or so. I'm into completing my wishlist and try to buy all the sets from the theme's i'm in to.
    So I often buy newcoming sets, and on the other hand I search on eBay and marketplace for the older ones. And ones in a while I'm lucky when I find the older stuff.
  • augenaugen Member Posts: 317
    I have never really been one for specifically collecting minifigures, although I have paid premium prices for polybags that only contain the one as I make a reasonable effort to collect one of every polybag. I will also buy the odd one on the secondary market, just because I like the look of it.

    I am put off collecting minifigures in general for two reasons; Firstly, I just can't keep up with the conveyor belt of new ones for the more interesting and therefore more commercial themes and secondly, while I like the concept of limited editions, the run should not prevent the average collector from completing their set.
  • augenaugen Member Posts: 317
    Drmnez said:

    I have a complete set of space police 3, tmnt, and I am only missing the NYTF Minifigs for my super heroes collection (not to include batman 1 Minifigs).

    Space Police 3 is such a great theme, full of interesting minifigures. It's just a shame that its availability to buy in the UK was so limited. I have about half the sets now, mostly bought while in the States. I would like to complete the theme anyway, but if I do, all the bad guys together would look good.

  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Member Posts: 1,372
    While I don't consider myself a completist in any form, I do have an almost complete Legends of Chima minifig collection (disregarding different armour variants although I collect the armour too). I'm only missing Furty out of the 30 characters in this years wave, but that will soon be added when the set he's in comes out in September.

    Otherwise, I also have a complete collection of villains (I love the bad guys, what can I say, they're the ones I tend to keep) from several other lines, including Galaxy squad, Space Police 3, Ninjago Serpentine (my favourite Ninjago wave!), Alien Conquest, Atlantis and Power Miners (including the 3 big figs)
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    I have all the LOTR & Hobbit figs.
  • MHyypiaMHyypia Member Posts: 15
    I am just trying to figure myself how I want to collect minifigs. With Star Wars and superheroes I have so far just tried to make sure I get one of each character but not being that bothered about little differences between two versions of the same character.
    With Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit though, I so far have all the released sets except for Riddles of the Ring and the Wizard battle. Can't decide if I need the slightly different Gollum from the Lotr sets or the Gandalf and Saruman figs which are almost completely the same as in the orthanc set.
    Luckily these two are the cheapest sets in each line, so I probably will grab them just to avoid future remorse, but I need to figure this out going forward.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,556
    edited August 2013
    ^ It is definitely worth getting Gandalf v Saruman. Not for the minifigs if you have orthanc, but for the eye.
  • pillpodpillpod Member Posts: 273
    I've been trying to collect all if the Hobbit dwarves. All I need is Dori; can't seem to get my hands on him without paying an arm and a leg.
  • icey117icey117 Member Posts: 510
    Prince of Persia and Aquaraiders (2007). Not very difficult ones, but still :-)
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    edited August 2013
    pillpod said:

    I've been trying to collect all if the Hobbit dwarves. All I need is Dori; can't seem to get my hands on him without paying an arm and a leg.

    $7-$9 is an arm and a leg? I get it's up there in relative terms, but mostly because he only came in the biggest set. Eat Ramen for one meal = Dori :)

  • pillpodpillpod Member Posts: 273
    I exaggerated a bit. But I'd like to trade for them but can't find someone willing, so paying $9 is a lot for me at the moment. If there weren't 13 dwarves, I'd be willing to pay $9 for him though.

    I monitor most of the eBay auctions but can't snag one at my price point. Eventually I will, I hope.
  • GIR3691GIR3691 Member Posts: 674
    I'm a big movie guy. I collect Star Wars, Super Heroes, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Indiana Jones. I'm on the fence about Lord of the Rings.

    Star Wars- I pick and choose all the time. Don't care about Jabba's Palace much, for example. I get all the core characters, Rebel and Imperial troops, and a few odds and ends here and there. I have most of the Old Republic figures and a few Clone Wars/Prequel figs, but I only actively collect OT.

    Marvel- Pretty easy when you ignore SDCC exclusives. I pick and choose here too, since I'm only really a movie fan. Only have 1 original Spider-Man minifigure, but I have every character from the new line that has appeared in a movie.

    DC- I have a handful of original Batman minifigs. I'd love to have them all but I won't pay stupid prices for them. Since there aren't that many new DC sets, I have everything except Two-Face Chase and Batcave-exclusive minifigs. Again, ignoring SDCC exclusives. I actually went to NYCC so I have the 2011 Batman and Green Lantern.

    Pirates of the Caribbean- Ignoring PotC4 because I disliked the movie and characters, which made things a bit easier. Just need Admiral Norrington and Hadras and I'll have all of the PotC 1-3 minifigs.

    Indiana Jones- Again, ignoring IJ4 because I disliked the film and characters. Still need the exclusive minifigs from #7263 and #7197 to have a complete set.

    Lord of the Rings- I've hesitated with this one just because I don't want to have to collect dozens of minifigures only available in one set at a time. I have a couple and will gradually collect the full fellowship, Saruman, Gollum... Don't care about the Hobbit series.

    I also have a full set of Series 1-10 Collectible Minifigures, except Mr. Gold (because why even bother?) I also have the alternate color minifigs in the 3 packs, like the Halloween and Rock Band sets. I'd like to get the Toy Soldier from the dictionary at some point, as well as the alternate clown in the cake-topper set. I categorize the BR and Olympic minifigures as a separate line, so those I'd only get if I can get a great deal on them.
  • BoiseStateBoiseState Member Posts: 804
    Need 6 figs to have all Harry Potter figs from the book.
  • legogallegogal Member Posts: 754
    I just buy the ones I like. Same with CMS.
    If they are in an inexpensive set, that is perfect. If not, I go to BL or eBay. I am not into Star Wars, but collect some of the female figs because they have such wonderful designs, Leia, Luminaria, etc. Same with HP's Luna, McGonagall, etc. That way I don't have to buy so many sets. If extras are under 5USD, I may buy several so I can change their hair, arms, faces, etc.
    My favorite figure may be Katara (Avatar) because of her face. But I have none of the sets.
    If I were a completist, bankruptcy would be my only friend!
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,308
    @CapnRex101 Curious which 4 SW minifigs you are missing?
  • cardgeniuscardgenius Member Posts: 153
    Ive completed a couple lines and am in the middle of completing a few others.

    Batman - Complete

    Lord of The Rings - Complete

    DC Universe - Incomplete. Need around 20 figures to finish.

    Harry Potter - Incomplete. Need around 30 figures to finish.

    Star Wars - Incomplete. This one is the furthest away from being complete. Id say 150-200. Its been hard for me to get caught up on this line with all the other stuff Im trying to do.

    Hobbit - Havent started yet. Once I finish with Harry Potter Ill move on to these guys.

    CMF - I recently started collecting these. I only have Series 1, 9 and 10 complete.
  • BoiseStateBoiseState Member Posts: 804
    I need from HP-

    Mad Eye
    Crabbe(yellow face)
    Wormtail from graveyard duel
    Wolf head Lupin
    Ginny(yellow face)
  • BoiseStateBoiseState Member Posts: 804
    Haha. Me too!
  • murphquakemurphquake Member Posts: 651
    I have every SW TOR figure, and every BTTF... all of the MBA (need to get that up to 4 of each to have one plain and one with each set of accessories) All but one galaxy squad fig, AC too.. all of the SW Clone Wars Phase 2 Armor figs... all of the new style mandalorian helmeted figs including the non-mando bounty hunter from the Jek-14 set... My CMF collection is complete through s10 except for s2 surfer and mr gold... have Team GB & the Toy Soldier. I have every Lone Ranger figure and am 1 poly short of having the whole line. I have every Monster Fighters Figure & Set. I have every Marvel Superheroes fig/set, DC I need arkham and still haven't bought the tumbler/bat set (constraction figures i don't have batman or ironman...yet). I have something with every SW Darth (Sidious/Tyranus/Vader/Maul/Malgus/Marr) so far. I'm working on getting one of every figure part that has a star of life on it.

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