Hello from Warwickshire, UK

Just a quick intro from me. 40 year old lego fanatic, with a 5 year old lego fanatic.

Had great fun over the past year or so collecting and building all the classic lego space sets - starting off from the ones I had as a kid.

Now getting a bit of an interest in Lego Star Wars even though I promised myself I wouldn't, and learn about investing and trading.




  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator Posts: 2,272
    Welcome to the forum Mark, I am sure what starts as a Lego Star Wars interest will soon become an interest in all things Lego related, and likely your son will too.

    I hope you enjoy your experience on Brickset, there are plenty of others in the same boat as you who are just getting back into the swing of things after the 'dark age' so I am sure you will find many friends here.
  • flowerpotgirlflowerpotgirl ScotlandMember Posts: 147
    Welcome, from another 40 year old lego fanatic, in the Scottish Borders. This is a really friendly informative forum. Enjoy!
  • woony2woony2 UKMember Posts: 336
    Welcome aboard Mark.
    Your story sounds very familiar, nearly 40 myself with a 5 and 10 year old, and in the Midlands too. Only difference is I came out of my dark ages in 1999. Lego Star Wars will consume you and your wallet, but its worth it.
  • IckelpeteIckelpete Member Posts: 15
    Where are you in Warwickshire as I am from Warwick?

    I wish I had more of the old space sets have you managed to collect all of them?

    Peter S
  • madfiddlermadfiddler Member Posts: 21
    Yes, finding out a lot of information so far. Very nice friendly forum :).

    @Ickelpete - I'm in Harbury, nr Leam. Yes, every set. I'm missing a couple of helmets, 1 white brick with logo and an aerial - then it's all done. Gradually finding all of the original instructions. I didn't worry with the vintage of the bricks, so some are more modern version of the same brick, but in terms of correctness, every brick is correct.... if that makes sense.
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