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Fun Little Contest for Ninjago Fans - Ninjago USB Wristbands

akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,028
I got these awesome Ninjago 2 GB USB wristbands as samples from a Denmark based company. The wristbands are intended for kids with all the Ninjago song by The Fold, a couple of videos, Ninjago-themed school-planners, etc. It also has plenty of space to save and share files, pictures, music, etc. Comes in five colors.

I'm running a fun little contest/giveaway for them. If you are a Ninjago fan,
or have a Ninjago fan in your family you might want to check it out:

FYI: USB wristbands are really comfy and a great way to carry around your
data. Other companies make them as well, and they are popular with kids/students, geeks, etc. The Ninjago wristbands however are specifically intended for kids or people with smaller wrists. I can wear them comfortably, but I have a small wrist. (I'm actually happy they are small as I always have trouble with wristbands and bracelets being too big). Anyway, 6 inch wrist would be the max for these.

Have fun!...(c:


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